• test prep

    We offer one on one, comprehensive test prep that will help our students get the scores they need on all major standardized tests. We will teach to the test, guide their practice, and provide strategies that will help students optimize their scores. Just as important, we will go beyond the test to make the process engaging and interesting. We offer tutoring for: SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT, and Subject Tests

  • academic support

    We hire tutors who are experts in their fields of study with hands on teaching experience. We challenge our high achieving students to go above and beyond the basic requirements of their classes, while assisting struggling students by filling the gaps in their knowledge and encouraging them to truly engage with the subject matter rather than simply going through the motions of their assignments.

  • application essays

    We believe that the college essay is an opportunity for our students to make themselves three-dimensional to college admissions officers who would otherwise see them solely as a set of numbers. We help our students prove that they are more than just their transcripts and standardized test scores by capturing moments and stories that highlight their individual journeys of self-discovery.